Phasar - Loudspeaker phase measurements

Phasar is a tool that can be used to check the polarity of loudspeakers. It measures the phase of a signal emitted by a loudspeaker relative to a reference signal. This reference signal can either be a sine signal produced by Phasar itself, or a signal from some external source, e.g. a test CD. Phasar should be part of the toolbox of acousticians, audio consultants, sound contractors, sound system engineers, loudspeaker builders etc.


Low cost solution using hardware you already own.
Supports frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, for use with woofers and tweeters.
Full screen display enables long distance view.
Can be used with multi-way loudspeaker systems.
Free 30 day evaluation available here.


Loudspeaker arrays
Omni-directional sound sources
PA and monitoring systems
Cinema and theatre sound systems
Hi-Fi and home cinema sound systems

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A typical measurement setup is depicted schematically below:

The PC's line output is connected to the sound system. Phasar generates a sine signal, which is audible through the loudspeakers connected to the sound system. A microphone connected to the PC picks up this signal, which is then processed by Phasar, resulting in the phase being displayed.

A green bar extending all the way to the right indicates the loudspeaker output is exactly in-phase with the signal generated by Phasar. A red bar extending all the way to the left indicates the loudspeaker output has the opposite polarity w.r.t. the reference signal.

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